Sunshine and Hope

2009 Delta Cup-International Solar Building Design Competition

scadenza 1° dicembre 2008

GOAL OF COMPETITION Combined with the reconstruction after Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province, the competition with a theme of "Sunshine and Hope" is facing the whole world to collect design scheme of rural "Sunshine primary school" and some of awarded submissions will be put into construction in disaster area.

Taking the competition as a platform let’s open out technology of solar building, promulgate the concept of sustainable operation, express our love and responsibility to the children in disaster area and make their life and studying filled with gladness, hope and genial sunshine.


1. Rural Sunshine Primary School in Ma Er Kang area;
2. Rural Sunshine Primary School in Mian Yang area.

International Solar Energy Society
Chinese Renewable Energy Society



  1. Institutes of architectural design, colleges and universities, research institutions and research and manufacture enterprises of solar energy are welcome to make competition groups with professionals of architecture, structure and equipment to attend the competition.
  2. Please visit  You may fill the registration list according to the instruction and gain an exclusive number of your work after submitting the list. One work only has one registration number. The number should be indicated in the top left corner of each submission work with height in 6mm. Registration time: 25th June, 2008 - 1st December, 2008.
  3. Participants must agree that the Organizing Committee may publish, print, exhibit and apply their works in public.
  4. The authors whose works are edited into the publication should cooperate with the Organizing Committee to adjust their works according to the requirements of printing.


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