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The transformation of healthcare
International architectural design competition

DuCHA is organising an international debate on the development of healthcare property in the formerly planned economies of central and eastern Europe. At the heart of this debate will be an architectural design competition, that enables architects and students of architecture to show their vision on healthcare sites and buildings in these challenging circumstances.

In short Briefly the competition consists of a healthcare programme that is partly hospital, partly community care and partly up to the participants. A long-term view on the site is asked, that considers social, environmental and economical developments. Through the ideas projected at this site, a vision should be presented on transforming comparable sites in cities in central and eastern Europe where similar challenges occur. The site is a large hospital in the outskirts of a mediumsized city in a formerly communist country. The site is fictional in the sense, that data from an actual site are used but distorted, making this a random example of what could happen anywhere. In the competition the dilemmas between heritage versus new, and functionality versus flexibility need to be solved. Choices need to be made where to facilitate the acquired programme and how the interaction with the city is shaped. Although a vision on healthcare, economy and social integration is necessarily part of the project, architectural design excellence is the key criterion for the prizes to be awarded. Submission of designs will be allowed by digital media.

Registration, entry and fees Entry is open to architects and students of architecture. Especially we invite young architects to join. Registration of entries starts on Tuesday September 30, 2008, and closes on Friday January 9, 2009, 12.00 a.m (GMT+1). Entry fee for architects: € 250.00 (VAT excluded) No entry fee for (teams of) students and architects younger than 30 years at the day of submission of the entries (copy of university or collegecard and ID is required)

Brochure competition and entry form can be downloaded


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