HUGO Create. Theme Round 8: The Elements

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consegna entro 30 aprile 2009

HUGO Create is a new design contest, a celebration of visual creativity open to creative people of all skill levels. Professionals, students or design-enthusiasts: this is your opportunity to show the world your ideas and skills. So fire up your creative minds and start to brainstorm, draw, scan, create a digital collage, vectorize...

How it works Participants are invited to make a design for HUGO Fragrances, inspired by and featuring the HUGO Man Bottle. The top 10 designs in each round will be awarded with a cash prize of 500 US-$ (40 money prizes in total). The winning design in each round will also be published in a well-known design magazine. All designs will be posted in the Gallery within a week of their submission. Site users can vote for their favorite creations.

Creative task Design an advertising poster inspired by and featuring HUGO Man Bottle. If needed, the HUGO Generator can help you to create your design.

Theme Round 8: The Elements (Earth, Wind, Water & Fire)
Create an image that illustrates the HUGO Man Bottle within the concept of the four Elements: Earth, Wind, Water & Fire You can use all or any of the 4 key elements. You have complete creative freedom over how you want to demonstrate the Elements, as long as your key visual features the HUGO Man Bottle.

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