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open planning and design competition

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consegna prima fase entro 12 giugno 2009

The Awarding Authority has been appointed by the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs to initiate the planning of a joint museum facility for the National museum of art, architecture and design situated at the Vestbanen in Oslo. In connection with this, the Awarding Authority invites to an open, international design contest for architects (architectural competition).

The design contest shall be carried out in 2 stages of which stage 1 is an open tender contest at a superior level. Stage 2 is a restricted tender contest with a further preparation and detailing level where the selected tenders from stage 1 are invited to participate.

The tender contest shall be the basis for contracting of architectural services for continuance of the assignment in connection with a new building for National museum until the project is completed. The assignment includes both new building and outdoor facilities.

The ambition in stage 1 is to create a draft that in a good manner ensure the museum’s functional and area requirements and simultaneously illustrate the development options for the area. In addition, stage 1 shall throw light on a possible location of a probable administration building for official activity at the site.

The ambition in stage 2 is to identify the project which can provide the most favourable basis for implementation of the National Museum’s new museum facility. A separate contest programme for stage 2 will be prepared.

The tender contest is open for architects with approved exams in accordance with the EU’s architect directive.  This means that the Norwegian tenderers shall have masters degree in architecture, be graduate in architecture or be approved as architect by the National Association of Norwegian Architects.

The tender contest programme can be downloaded from
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