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scadenza 19 giugno 2009

Valiant Technology is calling for entries in an international competition to design a logo and a collection bin for e-waste recycling for New York City. The logo is intended as a public-domain design, similar to the familiar möbius strip on current paper/plastic/metal recycling bins.

The 4th Bin is to be the means by which e-waste is responsibly collected. Our intent is to see a clearly labeled 4th bin placed centrally in every building in New York City, and eventually all across the country.

LOGO DESIGN Competitors are encouraged to incorporate some form of electronic imagery in their E-waste logo.

ELECTRONIC WASTE BIN DESIGN Competitors are urged to be as creative as possible while recognizing the need for security, durability, efficient use of space, and taking into consideration size constraints, maintenance and available technology. Designs can be presented in either 2D or in 3D, and sketches are acceptable.

Design considerations:

  • 1. Security: E-waste items disposed into the BIN should be protected from theft and/or tampering.
  • 2. Size: The BIN may hold items as small as batteries and as large as televisions, but should be able to fit through a doorway for easy transport.
  • 3. Maintenance: The BIN's contents should be easily removable by e-cycling companies.
  • 4. Durability: The BIN must be durable enough to handle heavy items and frequent emptying, and general weather conditions.
  • 5. Space: The BIN may be placed in buildings and/or outdoors. In your design summary you can describe how the BIN would be integrated into a new or existing space.
  • 6. Technology: Competitors are also strongly encouraged to be creative as possible in terms of integrating technologies into the physical BIN.

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