Les cravates par Hermès

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iscrizioni entro 01/08/09 | consegna entro 05/08/09

The french luxury brand, Hermès, in collaboration with designboom organize a graphic international design competition: les cravates par Hermès.

Hermès, house of quality, is world renowned for its fine silk, and particularly for ties. they embody fine craftsmanship, masterful design and timeless style. we expect to receive innovative and original pattern designs for ties that brighten up men's wardrobe. we want to be surprised by refined 'all-over' designs - repeating or non repeating patterns in which the motifs recur in a design covering the entire cloth. you are asked to develop a new pattern that could be either a re-interpretation of the Hermes classic patterns (equestrian -, sport -, marine theme, whimsical animal motifs, geometric variations including stripes, plant and flower designs and the H delicately imprinted across the surface of the tie) or something completely different, that could be used for the silk-screen printing - or weaving technique.

Participation is open to to applicants from every country in the world, to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts.

Free registration required

- www.designboom.com/hermes.html