Web Design Competition - summer 2009

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iscrizione e consegna entro 23 giugno 2009

L'organizzazione no-profit Shahneshin foundation (Svizzera) presenta il concorso "Web Design Competition - summer 2009", destinato ai graphic e web designers di tutto il mondo.

The SF Design Awards is open to graphic and web designers from around the world, and whoever has a Micheleangelo-kind idea, is challenged to design an inspiring, unique and creative design piece for a specific company, an interdisciplinary collaborative studio SHAGAL | iodaa for place-responsive programming, designing, research, criticism, writing and teaching while fuses architecture, landscape
architecture, urbanism and the visual arts.

WebSites containing unoriginal material (such as templates) or unwholesome content (such as pornography or hate-speech) are not eligible for this competition. DO NOT enter your proposal if you are in violation, or uncertain of your rights to, any copyrights, patents, trademarks or other intellectual property. If your proposal website includes and or promotes any of the following content it will be disqualified:

  • activities relating to hacking
  • degradation or humiliation of adults, children or animals
  • racism, sexism, religious prejudice or other forms of hatred
  • pornography
  •  products or services that are illegal to use, sell and/or possess...
  • profanity
  • unoriginal templates

- 1st Prize = 700.00 CHF + Personalised Certificate
- 2nd prize = 300.00 CHF + Personalised Certificate
- 3rd prize = 100.00 CHF + Personalised Certificate


Per informazioni:  www.shahneshinfoundation.org