PREFAB 20*20: Visions For 400 Square Foot Homes

International Open Ideas Competition

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iscrizioni entro 31/07/09 | consegna entro 31/08/09

As part of LivingDensity Exhibition and Forum, and in collaboration the Architectural Institute of British Columbia, Azure Magazine, and Interior Design Show West, Architecture For Humanity Vancouver proudly presents PREFAB 20*20: Visions For 400 Square Foot Homes, An International Open Ideas Competition.

Your challenge is to propose a free-standing, prefab dwelling unit for a footprint no more than 400sf (37.5sm) in an urban setting anywhere in the world. Fit for two adults, its basic program shall include sleeping, bathing, cooking, living, working/studying, and storage areas. Entrants are free to deviate from the basic program but justification must be included.

The site can be situated in any urban setting in the world. Your proposal should not be an "one-off" installation; rather, it should be adaptable to various sites. The footprint of the design can be of any geometry as long as it does not exceed 400sf (37.5sm). Vehicular parking is not a requirement. Entrants are encouraged to look at how their chosen site can be contextualized within transport grids, power grids and other community amenities. Entrants may make recommendations on changes their chosen site should amend in order to encourage sustainable density.

Prefab 20/20 is an open competition: open to all designers, architects, engineers, artists and students around the world all submissions will be accepted. An non-refundable entry fee of $50Cdn (Early Bird Registration $35Cdn, See Timeline) must be included with each individual submission.

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