Open Fort 400 | Grasweg - Amsterdam Nord

Open Ideas Competition

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iscrizioni entro 31/07/09 | consegna entro 12/08/09

The 2009 edition of the Ymere NAi Open Ideas Competition focuses on the tip of Grasweg in Amsterdam North. This location next to the IJ is in the heart of a post-industrial area which is undergoing considerable transformation. With the erection of new office and apartment buildings, as well as it being the site of the New Filmmusuem of Amsterdam, the area and its significance for the City of Amsterdam is on the rise.

The Open Fort 400 competition is the occasion to add to these developments by means of a strong architectural vision for a place with a strong cultural character and public responsibility.

The official holder of the ideas competition is the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) with housing association Ymere acting as partner and, especially for this edition, in close collaboration with the City of Amsterdam. These three parties are inviting designers to think of an Open Fort for the Grasweg in Amsterdam North.

The ideas should not be limited to just architectural solutions but should also include proposals for the use and programming of this place. The competition holder is looking for ideas for an Open Fort to boost the ongoing social, cultural and economic development of Amsterdam North – with, as a possible source of inspiration, Fort Amsterdam, the base from which New York blossomed into a world city of diversity and exchange.

This ideas competition is open to registered designers (architects, urban designers, landscape architects) from at home and abroad. An independent jury of experts will select a maximum of 30 submissions that will feature in the publicity after the competition. From these submissions the jury will select a maximum of five projects which will then enter a limited competition.

The participants admitted to this subsequent competition will each receive €10,000 to elaborate their initial submissions.

Competition programme can be downloaded from the site