Master in Collective Housing

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Madrid, gennaio - luglio 2011

The Master's Degree in Collective Housing is a postgraduate course at the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid that arises from the fact that high-density cities and collective housing have a character of their own within advanced architecture education and therefore can be considered a specialty.

Right from the start, students from all nations have been trained in collective-housing-related specialty areas and have demonstrated a high professional level making important contributions in research projects, winning competitions or taking leadership roles in the most relevant architecture firms.

We have always committed to the highest level of excellence combining teachers of international prestige and a thorough participant selection process in order to make the best out of this course. The specialties that are offered as part of our program are as follows: Housing Architecture, Construction and Technology, Real Estate and Management, Urban and Landscape Planning, Energy Concepts and Sustainability, 20th Century Housing Theory, Basic Habitability and International Activity.

These specialties are combined with seven workshops led by the most prestigious architects specialized in the field of collective and multi-family housing, with a teaching load of 35 hours. In the past years the master's degree has built a close relationship with great architects, such as Dietmar Eberle, Felix Claus, Anne Lacaton, Frits van Dongen, Hrvoje Njiriç, Juan Herreros, Jacob van Rijs, Alejandro Aravena, Andrea Deplazes, Max Risselada or Wiel Arets.

Participants from over twenty countries have already taken part in this event. Our challenge for upcoming years will focus on total internationalization of housing specialties in order to become a reference for any interested architect worldwide.

The course is intended for qualified architects who have completed their bachelor's degree or equal level certificate.

The program consists of 600 hours (60 ECTS) from January to July, Monday trough Friday, every afternoon (16.00 to 21.00). During this time it is strongly recommended a full-time dedication in order to develop and complete practical work.

The official languages of the course are English and Spanish. International workshops will be held in English and specialties will vary according to the teacher. A technical Spanish course is offered to all the participants in December.

The collaboration and support of the most important public and private housing-related companies has brought together teaching and professional practice. This course belongs to the Design Studio Department of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of Madrid.

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