Advanced Architecture Master

master a Barcellona

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

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IaaC is a research center and laboratory where investigation, education and applied theory converge, the various lines of the Institute's research intersecting and interacting in an educational interchange within the Master's program in Advanced Architecture.

The program is one year long, oriented toward architects and other professionals in the field of engineering, landscape, geography, social sciences and economics who wish to further and refine their knowledge and professional skills in relation to phenomena at the architecture, urban and territorial scales.

Admission Procedure
All Master Program applicants must have a B.Arch. degree for architects or a Bachelor or higher degree from other professions. In addition to the application form and required supporting documents, applicants from architecture background must submit a portfolio showing examples of their academic or professional architectural designs. All other applicants must submit writings of their previous studies and an essay that relates their professions in terms of architecture.

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