Urban development and reconstruction

master's Course

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Dipartimento di Pianificazione del Territorio - IUAV  

OBJECTIVES The objective of the Course is to address spatial, economic and institutional issues in the city of developing countries as well as transition economies. Focusing on governance and participation, it provides students with the analytical and professional skills required for designing, managing and implementing urban development and reconstruction projects.


COURSE STRUCTURE The course consists of two teaching modules and a fieldwork. At the end of the Course students are required to prepare a Project Document.

  • Module 1 provides the theoretical and methodological framework to examine development and reconstruction in urban areas.
  • Module 2 is structured around 2 lectures series and 3 workshops providing the analytical and operational tools for effective planning and management.
  • Module 3 requires students to undertake an individual fieldwork within an ongoing urban development or reconstruction project.


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