Construction Engineer/Ingegnere Edile-Architetto-Five to seven years experience, Safety manager license, Immediate availability

azienda/studio: Mosae s.r.l.

codice n° 16922
829 data inserzione - scadenza 10.10.2018
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in sede
esperienza richiesta
5-10 anni
titolo di studio
laurea magistrale
1000-2000 euro mensili
testo dell'inserzione
We are looking for an engineer to join our team. We need a profile with five to seven years of experience in engineering and construction field, with capability to carry on a commission in all its phases.
Milano Open Studio Architecture Engineering is a network of architects and engineers operating in the design and construction field, focused on developing cutting-edge technology solutions and architectural languages able to meet the Client’s requirements and desires, gathering competencies grew during years of work in every area of the design process, from architectural concept to structures and MEP. MOSAE story began in 2014 as a spin-off of a great Japanese engineering firm located in Milan. MOSAE is specialized in the design of new spaces and buildings, restoration and renovation projects, perform consultancy services about structural engineering, energetic behavior and fire prevention with a predilection for consultancies about the artwork. MOSAE has a solid experience in all the technical services that a Client could need during construction, from site supervision to health and safety services. MOSAE’s research and activity are led by the curiosity towards new creative solutions and high-end design quality and care to the detail. The Studio is developing a special study and research on the field about nets applied to architecture in domestic, commercial and landscaping environments.
Based in Milan, in the central area of Brera Design District, MOSAE workspace is located in an old warehouse renovated by the Studio, into the courtyard of a historical building, the first Milan social house built in 1865. Suspended above the open space a 30 square meters net is tensioned like a big shaped hammock: an extension of the workspace and a creative think tank. MOSAE developed the prototype as a case study for nets applied in domestic and commercial environments. This is the meaning of the net universe.
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