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México: Rehabilitación y ampliación del Museo Amparo, Puebla - TEN Arquitectos

Puebla (Mexico): Amparo Museum renovation and expansion by TEN

Mexico > TEN Arquitectos have recently completed renovation and expansion of the Amparo Museum in Puebla. Near to the old town center, the construction is made up of various historic colonial buildings and counts on permanent collections of pre-Hispanic artifacts, baroque and contemporary art [Domus]....

Ciudad de México: Centro Cultural Elena Garro - Fernanda Canales + Arquitectura 911

Cultural Center in Mexico City by Fernanda Canales + Arquitectura 911

Mexico City > “Centro Cultural Elena Garro”, designed by Fernanda Canales and Arquitectura 911, originates from the concept of emphasizing the existing big house and turning the library into an “open” space. A block, with a transparent front face, accordingly succedees in taking “out” the books, to the street, and, at the same time, in […]...

México: Casa RM, Monterrey - Arkraft

Monterrey (Mexico): RM House by Arkraft

Mexico > The RM House in Monterrey, designed by Arkraft studio, provides an innovative alternative for building and living with a restricted budget, as well as precise criticism of the current real estate market conditions [Domus]....