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'Solar Decathlon Europe 2010'... los ganadores

Spain: Solar Decathlon Europe 2010… the winners

Spain > Lumenhaus by Virginia Tech, wins the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010, while Ikaros by Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, and Stuttgart Team by Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, gained respectively the second and the third place… [Scalae]...

Comienza el 'Solar Decathlon Europe 2010' en Madrid

‘Solar Decathlon Europe 2010′ starts in Madrid

Spain > On the occasion of its 5th edition, the Solar Decathon, international competition organized by the US Department of Energy, to reward the best energetically self-sufficient house, leaves for the first time North American territory to land in Madrid. 17 universities from seven countries take part in the first Solar Decathlon Europe 2010, from […]...