AutoCAD – Portare a zero la coordinata Z

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Flatten imposta a zero la coordinata Z nel world UCS di “3DFACE”, “ARC”, “ATTDEF”, “CIRCLE”, “DIMENSION”, “ELLIPSE”, “HATCH”, “INSERT”, “LINE”, “LWPOLYLINE”, “MTEXT”,” POINT”, “POLYLINE”, “SOLID”, “TEXT”.

macro per AutoCAD LT

Add a new macro (icon) to your toolbar – in fact two macros (tool buttons) – one for selected objects and the second for all objects:

[FlattenSel]^C^C_UCS;;_select _move _p;;0,0,1e99;;_move _p;;0,0,-1e99;;

[FlattenAll]^C^C_UCS;;_move _all;;0,0,1e99;;_move _all;;0,0,-1e99;;_chprop;_all;;_thickness;0;;

Do not use on 3D solids as it may distort them

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