Programma free con 24 utilità per AutoCAD

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Main features:

  • MIDWAY point: finds the point located between two points in transparent regime
  • HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL TEXT: auto text Height assignment depending on Dimscale and Active Space; prompt for text rotation is eliminated. No GIGANTIC sizes of text in PaperSpace anymore!
  • QUICK MTEXT (zero width): just click one point on the screen
  • LENGTHEN command with commonly used DElta option (fewer number of steps in input)
  • VERY QUICK LEADER: fast input, auto assignment of Dimstyle for leader. Leaders are very flexible for modifications
  • LEADER (two or three points) without attached text (e.g. weld symbol leader)
  • BREAK AT INTERSECTION: the command breaks the line (polyline or arc) at intersection point using Multiple regime
  • TRACE as a solid LINE
  • TRACE as a solid RECTANGLE (just two points on the screen). Good for solid hatching of not closed areas: you do not need to add lines to create closed boundary and then add solid hatch
  • MULTIPLE COPY of LAST added ACAD object. Very fast command: no need to select objects and enter base point
  • MOVE LAST added ACAD object (again: eliminated selection and base point in prompt). This command can replace the use of Temporary Tracking point while drafting (it is just faster)
  • SAVE AND CLOSE drawing in one step without a mouse
  • RESTORE VARIABLES: set your preferences for important ACAD variables
  • VIEW SAVE – VIEW RESTORE: instantly Save (Restore) view.
  • FAST CIRCLES. Isn’t it better to define circle by its Diameter, have frequently used size as default and multiple regime for adding circles? Often this command is faster than Array
  • FAST FILLET. Fillet objects using predefined radius (multiple regime)
  • FILLET ZERO. Multiple fillet command: radius = 0
  • MTEXT WIDTH ZERO. Change selected Mtext objects width to zero.

(Fuzz distance = 0)

Compare with standard input:

Command PEDIT > Multiple > Select objects > Answer Yes (ACAD prior 2004) > Join > Confirm Zero fuzz distance > Two times press Enter…

Shortcut JJ


Change the layer of selected objects to Defpoints. The advantages of this command become clear when you need to apply Zoom (Pan) command to select objects and when you have several layers with the first character ‘D’.

Shortcut EF


Common Break command in Multiple regime.

Shortcut MB


Two bad things will not happen with this command anymore. The First: If you forgot to change LTScale to 1 before sending PSpace layouts to plot, you will get the wrong appearance of hidden or centerlines. For fear of First bad thing you are keeping LTscale =1 even in ModelSpace (everything looks like continuous). The PF command makes LTscale = 1 (if you are in PaperSpace), sets up PSLTSCALE to 1 and then performs ‘Plot’ command. Now when you are in ModelSpace, feel comfortable to set up any value of LTScale variable.