Complesso multifunzionale e un Hotel a Yerevan

international competition

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iscrizioni entro 9.11.09 | consegna entro 15.01.10

Concept for an International Business Center with an Hotel in the City of Yerevan

The competition is announced by Avangard Motor LCC in conjunction with Yerevan city Hall and the Union of Architects of the Republic of Armenia, along with the participation of the Ministry of Urban Development of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, and the International Association of Unions of Architects (IAUA)

The goal of the competition is to realiza a new and original urban development project that is both architecturally and functionally integrated into the surrounding cityscape.

The competition is open, international, and conducted in one phase. The following are invited to take part: • Architects worldwide, individually or in teams led by an architect, that have the right to practice the profession in their countries.  • Organizations that have a license for practicing architecture

Awards for winning projects shall be as follows:

First place prize - $70,000 USD, as well as, upon the mutual consent, further cooperation on the development of the project

Second place prize - $30,000 USD

Third place prize - $15,000 USD


The competition programme can be downloaded at: