Padiglione sul fiume Aura

architectural design competition

scadenza 29 marzo 2010

The architectural design competition for the River Aura pavilion, one of the key attractions during the Capital of Culture year 2011, is launched. The goal of the competition is to find a draft design for a floating pavilion that will be built on River Aura

The pavilion will be used for various events during the Turku Capital of Culture year 2011. After the Capital of Culture year, the pavilion will be managed by a company or an association founded for this purpose. Businesses along the River Aura are sought as owners. The pavilion will be open for use during the summer and stored inside for the winter.

"The goal is to create a new landmark to Turku, one that attracts attention and provides a venue for various events during 2011, such as exhibitions and theatre, dance and music performances. For example, the pavilion can be used as a venue for various festivities," says CaySevón, CEO for the Turku 2011 Foundation.

The competition is made available through Hilma, the electronic information channel for public procurements. Competition entries must be submitted for evaluation by March 29th at the latest. The purpose is to announce the winner of the competition by May 1st, 2010. The design competition and additional instructions are available at (in Finnish).

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