Barcelona 2011

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Arquitectum invites you to participate in its new architecture competition Barcelona 2011.

Spain has always been the most important tourist destination in Europe, receiving approximately 100 million visitors a year, but in recent years it has transformed itself into an attraction for young travelers (backpackers) interested not only in culture and studying, but also in the nightlife and bohemian scene of Barcelona. As a result, "hostels" have emerged - although they remain few in number - which provide low cost, clean, and above all well-located accommodation in key locations popular with tourists.

For this reason, the challenge of this competition consists of designing a 100 meter tall tower-hostel that includes relaxation areas and stores offering young people's fashion wear, and at the same time creates a new landmark in the city of Barcelona. To this end, a site has been chosen for the development of the project in the Plaza del MACBA, given that this is the heart of the Gothic Quarter, opposite the Museum of Contemporary Art designed by the famous architect Richard Meier. This is an incredible opportunity for the winning architect to make he/she known in a market with great potential for growth; the designing of buildings for hostels and fashion outlets in Spain, bearing in mind that once the current recession has ended, architects will be in demand for these types of projects.

ELEGIBILITY Eligible for participation in the competition are:

  • Architects and from all around the word, working as individuals or in collaboration, as long as they have completed their studies (including Bachelor's and Master's Degree). It is not compulsory to be a registered or associated architect, but they can also participate.
  • Architecture students are also eligible, but only under the direction of an Architect (could be a professor, but is not mandatory).
  • Multidisciplinary teams may also take part in the competitions (designers, engineers, artist, etc.) as long as they have an Architect as Team Leader.

    Note: At any given case, teams should have six (06) members at most.

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