RiverCity Göteborg

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Göteborg is Sweden's second largest city and forms the core of the Västra Götaland region. Just over half a million people live here and there is a large daily inflow of commuters from surrounding municipal districts. The city is unique in Sweden in having large, partly undeveloped land areas that lie in the central parts of this city.

When these areas are fully developed the city core will be several times larger than it is at present. In the city district which will emerge, RiverCity Gothenburg (Centrala Älvstaden), considerable development is already in progress and it is already built up in large parts. In order to achieve a strategic grasp and a shared view of the development that will take place, a vision and a strategy are being prepared.

Vision and strategies The mandate concerning the development of RiverCity Gothenburg derives from the City Executive Board and includes:

  • Vision and strategy seen from perspective of the city as a whole, based on working out an approach to the social, ecological and economic dimensions of the challenge
  • Dialogue, characterised by openness with the community of Göteborg
  • Active contribution to a national and international exchange of experience
  • A symbol for interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration

The work of drawing up a vision and strategy takes place partly through Citizens' Dialogues and through workshops. In June 2010 we are inviting participation at an international workshop

+ info: www.goteborg.se