Loft London Farm Tower

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iscrizioni entro 30.06.11 | consegna entro 15.07.11

The population growth and the urban centralization lead to an increase of the demand in the real estate market and in the food. One possible solution is the vertical farming. For these reasons, AWR proposes the design of a new skyscraper on the Thames waterfront. The new tower will be inserted into the new city skyline.  

Vertical Farming: architecture and nature work together.

The urban vertical farming means the cultivation of agriculture products and livestock in vertical, in multi-storey structures energy self-sufficient inserted within the metropolitan areas.

The competition requires the design of a vertical farm with a residential use.

In The city there is still a strong demand for housing and for public functions in downtown areas where the presence of public transportation makes the site extremely strategic.

- 1st prize 1500 €
- 2nd prize 1000 €
- 3rd prize 500 €
- 5 honorable mentions that will be awarded in the categories of: architectural quality, environmental sustainability, representation, relationship with the place, innovative project.

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