Posterheroes 2011

social communication contest - 2nd edition

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Posterheroes is an International social communication contest, in which people are asked to produce 50x70 posters.The projects need to be based on the themes of consumption and of conscious fruition of energetic and material resources, underlining the role of the user as an important actor in the global consumption/saving equilibrium.

The contest is a way for young people and for the creative community to express their opinion about the resources' fruition for a sustainable future. The notice is open to anyone and is especially aimed to involve young people and the National and International creative community.

Which kind of consumption model do you propose? Which kind of scenarium do you imagine for an aware fruition of the energetic and material resources?

The sensitization to action of the single person can be useful to the entire community. The water, soil, goods, fossil fuels, (as oil and methane), consumption meets our basic needs, and is the way that allows us to perform our daily activities.

REQUIREMENTS | There are no age, nationality or professional restrictions, the contest is open to anyone, except for the Posterheroes organizers, the Plug associates, the jury and their families.

MODES | It's possible to partecipate to the contest singly or in groups (in that case, the name of a referent is required), sending at most two works. For both works it is possible to attach a description of 500 characters maximum. It will be possible to upload the projects only following the instructions on the website, respecting the following features: dimension: 50 x 70 cm, at a 150dpi resolution: (2953 X 4134 pixel,max 5000 kb), vertical format.

JURY | The jury, is composed by international experts in graphics and communication: Giorgio Camuffo, Wladimir Marnich, Designpolitie, Erola Boix, Anthony Burrill, Demian Conrad, Bo Lundberg,Peter Orntoft, Patrick Thomas, Trapped in Suburbia.

EVALUATION CRITERIA | The jury will be evaluating as positive aspects of the works the idea's originality, its realization's quality related to the effectiveness of the message's communication, and the emotional aspects that the poster will be able to express.

PRIZES | Posterheroes doesn't award prizes. The best works selected by the jury will be published in the initiative's cathalogue and will become part of the traveling exhibitions and of the eventual events that Posterheroes will organize when the contest will be concluded. Posterheroes would publish on the website eventual prices or particular awards provided by the sponsors.

CONTEST TIMING | The works consignment, via uploading on our website, will start on the 15th of november, 2011, and will be finishing on february the 15th, 2012, at midnight (GMT + 1).



Posterheroes is a project by plug, a no-profit cultural association which bore from the sinergy of people with different capabilities and experiences, all connected by the common aim to sentisize public awarness and to solicit the debate on issues with a high social impact. Behind the scene: graphic designers, architects, students and other professionals.

The first edition of the contest on professionearchitetto