California Dream Week - II edition

dreaming a sustainable tomorrow

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California Dream Week announces the second edition of it awards program challenging high school juniors and seniors from Northern California to dream and propose concepts for a sustainable tomorrow in the categories: Architecture & Interior Product Design, Transportation, and Product Compliments.

A distinguishing element of the awards program is that winning student projects are shared with professional architects and designers from around the globe. These international personalities in the world of design dedicate their time to graphically demonstrate how the projects have impacted their own design process and creativity.

A series of student-inspired posters with content shared by the designers will be revealed during the California Dream Week Festival held in Chico, one of the nation's hotbeds of sustainability.

Professionals interested in being a part of the 2012 judging panel or participating within the context of the graphic designer interpretations for the California Dream Week Festival, should contact the organizers at

Official rules and first edition's project winners and international designers, are available at

tel 530-554-2279 | 530-898-9009

First edition's winners on professioneArchitetto