WOW competition: paint our planes!

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consegna entro il 1 dicembre 2012

WOW air has taken delivery of a beautiful new Airbus A320 aeroplane, made in 2012.  The new plane means we're going to be flying our guests to and from Iceland at the lowest price as always, but with an even bigger smile. But that's not all, because we have three other similar planes on their way...

We want help deciding how we should design the three new additions to our fleet and we would love you to give us some ideas. 

Send your designs before 01 December 2012 with the subject line "WOW-Honnun" (which means WOW-Design in Icelandic) to, or through the old-school post to WOW air (WOW-Design), Katrínartúni 12, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland.

The winner and a guest of their choice will fly for free with WOW air for an entire year. Three other WOW designs will win a return WOW air flight for two.

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