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La piattaforma on line Ctrl+Space lancia un concorso di idee per selezionare le migliori proposte per un museo dedicato alle arti digitali al centro della città di Madrid.

Ctrl+Space, an online platform, has launched a single stage ideas competition with the aim of identifying the best proposal of a Museum devoted to the Digital Arts in the centre of Madrid, Spain.

The Competition is open to all students and professionals of areas related to Architecture. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. The winning design will demonstrate a high degree of expression and creativity in fulfilling the program requirements, in accordance with the specific design guidelines here presented.


The aim of this competition is to create a museum devoted to the contemporary arts, in particular those that explore the more recent technologies as an integrated medium of work. In a way that pushes architectural design and ideas forward, the issue is raised of how the characteristics of Digital Art might be transposed into space, in a way that enhances the better understanding of the exposed work. 

The site chosen to develop this exercise is placed in the central part of Madrid, in one of its more vibrant neighborhoods, Lavapiés.

A total fund of 5000 € in prize money will be awarded to winning entries and awards of merit. First Prize: 3500€ / Second Prize: 1000€ / Third Prize: 500€. 5 awards of merit, with no monetary prize.

Competition timeline

Oct. 5th - Final date for project submission (until 23:59 GMT)

Jul.25th - Aug.24th - First Stage Registration / 30€* Aug.25th - Sep.24th / Second Stage Registration - 50€* Sep.25th - Oct.5th - Final Stage Registration - 80€*.

*VAT (23%) not included.