København new modern library

International Ideas Competition of Architecture

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AWR - Architecture Workshop in Rome - promuove un nuovo concorso di idee per lanciare la sfida di determinare un nuovo modello di biblioteca 2.0 ma che rifletta le tradizione e i costumi dei cittadini di Copenhagen.

AWR - Architecture Workshop in Rome proposes "København New Modern Library", an international ideas competition of architecture for students, architects, engineers, and designers.

The site area is located in the very centre of Copenhagen, the area that includes the old port of Nyhavn.

The Museum
The new Central Library will be much more than a traditional library. It will be a dynamic entity comprised of the physical spaces themselves as well as technology, library collections, staff, cooperation partners and clients. Libraries are no longer being thought of as a musty, silent holding area for books. Instead, technology is paving the way for libraries to emerge as a digital repository of information, gaming areas, and community centers. Create a space that emphasizes natural light, sustainability, education, and community while representing a new understanding of what the future of a library will be.

- First Prize 1500 €
- Second Prize 1000 €
- Third Prize 500 €
+ 3 honorable mentions

Each winning project will be published on different scientific magazines and on several architecture blogs and websites, national and international. Winners and Honorable mentions will be published on the Website awrcompetitions.com.

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