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Remembrance and Future Foundation (Fundacja Pamięć i Przyszłość), an independently funded charity, is the competition Organizer. The Competition is undertaken with the view of creating a Commemoration expressive of gratitude to all the Poles who rescued Jews in German- occupied Poland.

The Competition has been conceived as an open creative discussion over the form of this Commemoration which is to be located in the vicinity of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. The Competition Jury, composed of eminent specialists will select the design concept which expresses the survivors' gratitude most effectively while also revitalizing and integrating this unique urban space.

Located in the Muranów district of Warsaw, Poland, in the vicinity of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Project execution value: 800 000 USD.

The Competition is open to Polish and foreign artists, architects, landscape architects and designers. The competition is open to both experienced artists as well as young artists (students).


Phase I prize pool of US$ 42 000
- Up to five equal prizes (of US$ 7 000 each); their winners qualify for Competition Phase II (Implementation track)
- Distinction awards; a total pool of US$ 7 000 (Discussion and Implementation track)
- Honorable mentions Selected designs (up to 25) will be put on view as part of the post-competition exhibition and published in the competition catalogue and on its website.

Competition Phase 2 Prize:
- the winner signs the design services agreement

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