Un'unità di cura per l'ebola: concorso della UIA Public Health Group

concorso internazionale per studenti di tutto il mondo

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consegna entro il 20 aprile 2015

UIA Public Health Group lancia un concorso internazionale, rivolto agli studenti di tutto il mondo, invitandoli a progettare un'unità per la cura, la diagnosi e l'isolamento dei malati di ebola.

The UIA Public Health Group (UIA-PHG) is launching an international ideas competition, open to students worldwide. The competition is organized jointly with the Global University Program in Healthcare Architecture (GUPHA) and the China Hospital Build and Infrastructure Exhibition and Congress (CHBEC), with the collaboration of the Centre for Health Systems & Design at Texas A&M University. The competition is in accordance with the UIA-UNESCO regulations and has received the support of the International Union of Architects (UIA).

Competition objectives

The students will be invited to design a mobile isolation, diagnosis and/or treatment unit for use in Ebola or other communicable disease epidemics. The vehicle should be designed to insure the transport of patients to the appropriate care facilities.

The competition seeks to identify innovative approaches that help curb the outbreak of communicable disease epidemics and to alert the population to the impact of existing or potential treatments. With this competition, the UIA programme seeks to encourage more students to take an interest in health-related design.


The competition is open to full-time undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral architecture students. Multi-disciplinary teams, with three members maximum, headed by an architecture student can also participate. The competition language is English.

Jury composition

The jury is composed of the following members of the UIA Public Health Group Work Programme: Xiqiu Huang, Ph.D, China; Henning Lensch, Dipl.-Ing , Germany, George J. Mann, AIA (USA) former UIA-PHG programme director and former president of GUPHA ; Yasushi Nagasawa, Dr.Eng., JIA, Japan, former Secretary General of GUPHA ; Zeyad Al Swaidan, Saudi Arabia; Fani Vavili, President of the Greek Technical Chamber, Macharia Waruingi, MD, DHA, USA/Africa.


First Prize: USD $8,000; Second Prize: USD $5,000, Third Prize: USD $3,000, Fourth Prize USD $2,000; Fifth Prize: USD $1,500; Honourable Mention (10 teams maximum): USD $750. (The prize money amounts indicated are before taxes).

Important competition dates

5 December 2014 - 1 April 2015: Question and Response Period
20 April 2015 Deadline for online submission of projects

24 May 2015: Results will be announced. The winning projects will be exhibited during the international conference organized by the UIA Work Programme from 23 - 25 May 2015 in Dalian, China.

Details: www.uia-phg.org