student-driven architecture competition, created for and by architecture students

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Quinta edizione del concorso di architettura norvegese organizzato da studenti per gli studenti di tutto il mondo. Una maratona di 5 giorni per mostrare quel che si vale. La sfida di quest'anno è di ridefinire i concetti tradizionali di conservazione e sperimentare oltre le regole stabilite. 1° premio: 30.000 corone norvegesi.

In 2010, three students at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design wanted to create a new arena where Norwegian students could introduce themselves to the industry. They wanted to challenge, motivate and promote the most skilled, most innovative and committed students in the architecture profession. The result was the student competition 120 HOURS

120 HOURS is the world's largest and most prestigious student-driven architecture competition, created for and by architecture students.

5 days. 120 hours. 7200 minutes. 432000 seconds.
That is all the time you have to show us what you've got.

Open for students from all over the world. You can either enter as a single person, or in teams of up to three persons working together.

The assignment will be released February 9th 2015, at 14.00 (GMT+1) and from that point on you have 120 hours to work, work, work, before entry closes on Saturday 14th of February 2015 at 14.00 (GMT+1).

Remember that we are called 120 HOURS, so even though we are the nicest bunch of people, there is no mercy when it comes to our time limit. If you are late, you are too late.

The theme for this year's competition is 

- 1ST 30.000 NOK
- 2ND 15.000 NOK
- 3RD 7.500 NOK

web-site competition http://120hours.dekodes.no/