Les Menuires rehab

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iscrizioni entro il 15 maggio | consegna entro il 30 maggio 2016

La piattaforma ARCHmedium annuncia una nuova divisione denominata ARCHtopics, dedicata a competizioni proposte da istituzioni pubbliche o private e lancia un concorso, insieme alla città francese di Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, per creare uno spazio ad uso collettivo nel centro della famosa stazione sciistica di Les Menuires, a sua volta nata da un concorso bandito nel 1963. Presidente di giuria: Benedetta Tagliabue.

ARCHmedium is pleased to announce a new division of competitions called ARCHtopics, and introduces its first competition: Les Menuires rehab.

President of the jury: Benedetta Tagliabue.

ARCHtopics is a special division of ARCHmedium, dedicated to the drafting and comprehensive organization of competitions commissioned by public and/or private institutions. The objective is to promote the exchange of knowledge and deepen the quality of architectural practice through different types of internationally open competitions. This platform allows relations with students and emerging architects with big institutions and public offices democratizing the profession of architects.

The first competition: Les Menuires rehab

In the heart of Olympic Saboya, the ski resort Les Menuires belongs to the prestigious zone known as the 3 valleys, the biggest ski resort in the world. Les Menuires was a planned ‘ ex novo ‘ territory through an architectural competition held by a group of architects and has been working as a first class ski resort for 50 years. However, throughout the years society´s concerns and the way of living have changed drastically and have led authorities to rethink a change. How should Les Menuires be in the next 50 years?


As part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the French town of Les Menuires, ARCHtopics together with the city hall of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, proposes an international competition of ideas to rediscover the old splendor of Les Menuires. The objective of this exercise is to rethink and intervene La Croisette of Les Menuires and its capacity to shelter multiple activities and generate public spaces. The project is committed to creating a new central space in Les Menuires that provides adequate conditions to the interior spaces and successfully relates to the territory.


ARCHtopics competitions are open to architecture students and architects, as well as professionals in similar fields that have not exceeded their 40 years of age at the time of the registration period. Teams can be formed from one to six members, students and/or professionals, from all over the world. The teams may be multidisciplinary (architects, engineers, designers, etc).


Winners 1
º 6.000€ / 2º 3.000€ / 3º 1.000€
- Free registration to LMR workshop at ETSAB*
- One week stay in Les Menuires**
- 1 year subscription to ARCHcase potfolio premium.

*Travel and stay expenses not included. 1 registration per team. **Travel expenses not included.

10 Honorable mentions
- 1 year subscription to ARCHcase potfolio premium.

More informationstopics.archmedium.com