Un terminal autobus moderno per l'Autorità portuale di NY

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L'Autorità portuale di New York cerca team multidisciplinari per realizzare un terminal d'avanguardia per gli autobus, mettendo in palio un onorario di un milione di dollari.

Advancing its commitment to design and construct a 21st century successor to America's largest and busiest bus terminal, the Port Authority is launching the "Port Authority Bus Terminal International Design + Deliverability Competition," a two-stage competition seeking an inspired and qualified team that can deliver a winning conceptual design for this complex undertaking.

Prospective competitors are expected to assemble multi-disciplinary teams that can demonstrate a record of expertise and accomplishment in the design and planning of large-scale, intermodal mass transportation projects within high-density urban environments. The Port Authority anticipates awarding an honorarium of $1 million to the winning finalist.

Members of the public - particularly commuters and neighbors of the bus terminal - will be invited to submit comments to the Port Authority via online surveys. They are expected to be made available later today at www.panynj.gov/DesignSurvey. The online survey will be available throughout the competition.

The agency will provide survey results and public comments to the competitors, to an independent jury selected to recommend the winner, and to the Port Authority Board of Commissioners. The Port Authority will continue to solicit public input and keep the public informed throughout the competition process.

Port Authority Chairman John Degnan said the board's final choice will be informed by the previously presented Midtown Bus Master Plan; the jury's recommendations; the findings of a Trans-Hudson Commuting Capacity Study authorized by the board in October 2015; consultations with partner agencies, and input from commuters and neighbors of the bus terminal.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal 

The Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) is the largest bus terminal in the nation and one of the busiest bus terminals in the world. On a typical weekday, the PABT accommodates approximately 220,000 passenger trips and more than 7,000 bus movements. Yet, built 65 years ago, the PABT faces structural limitations that complicate its day-to-day operations. Moreover, by 2040, peak-hour passenger traffic is expected to increase by 35-51% and peak-hour bus traffic is expected to increase by 25-39%.


The Port Authority welcomes submissions from Competitors who can demonstrate a record of expertise and accomplishment in the design and planning of large scale, intermodal mass transportation projects within high-density urban environments, with at least one team member having experience working with publicly funded projects in the United States. Competitors may be a single firm with the appropriate expertise, or a joint venture, consortium or partnership between multiple entities (for the purposes of this Competition, the term "entity" includes, but is not limited to, firms, organizations, or individuals). Competitors must demonstrate expertise in the following fields: architecture, engineering, intermodal transportation operations and planning (the "Key Disciplines").

Two phases

The Port Authority will conduct the Competition in two phases. In Phase One of the Competition, the Port Authority seeks multi-disciplinary design-led teams (each a "Competitor" and collectively the "Competitors") to register to compete in the Competition, and submit a Phase One Submission. The Phase One Submissions will be evaluated in accordance with the Phase One Submission Evaluation Criteria. At the conclusion of Phase One, the Port Authority will shortlist Competitors to participate in Phase Two of the Competition (the "Finalists"). Neither Competitors' Phase One nor Phase Two Submissions will be anonymous.

During Phase Two, the Port Authority will issue additional materials to the Finalists. Finalists may use these materials to inform their Phase Two Submission, which must contain a fully deliverable conceptual design and a proposed methodology for delivering the conceptual design.

Registration and Phase One Submission Deadline April 12, 2016

For more informations: www.panynj.gov