Public Space for Ambient Intelligence

International Architectural Design Competition

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scadenza 08/12/2006


NTT DoCoMo, Inc. Mobile Society Research Institute
International Architectural Design Competition 2006

What new kinds of public space exist in a society sustained by ambient intelligence (ubiquitous computing)? Public spaces are places for communication between people and things.

What public spaces appear when new communications have arisen in a society that has developed ubiquitous computing technology (ambient intelligence)? We are calling for proposals for these immanent new spaces. A "mobile" is not limited to the function of making telephone calls, but has come to be used for communication between person and person, between person and thing, between thing and thing, and its appearance has undergone great changes. As a result, it is a personal surrogate that enables a variety of services and communications with things. Taking the "mobile" as a new communication tool, its current form is perhaps incongruous.

We hope to receive proposals for new social values in a "mobile" society, with a comprehension of future changes in technology and society after, for example, ten years (further developments in mobile phone services and the Internet, population problems such as population increases, declining birthrates and a growing proportion of elderly people, the state of the family, the state of local societies, energy problems, changes in the global economy, environmental problems, etc.)

Moreover, we hope for the creation of a new communication culture with reference to the current state of new ubiquitous computing technologies, yet with spatial ideas that are not confined by this.  


Head of jury Kengo Kuma


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