Perm Museum XXI

concorso internazionale di architettura

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candidature entro 10/07/2007

Competition client Perm administration and Perm Art Gallery.
Patronized by the Federal Agency of Culture and Cinematography in Russia In collaboration with Union of Russian Architects and Moscow Union of Architects Supported by Ford Foundatitio.

The Centre of Contemporary Architecture in Russia is calling for entries for the portfolio competition to take part in the open architectural competition with international participation for the most innovative concept for new Museum in Perm city, Russia. 

In a foregoing open application procedure participants should submit their portfolios from which CCA will select 25 architects to take part in the competition.

Object of the competition is the construction of a new building for the Perm Art Gallery situated in Perm City in Russia. The construction site is located in city area near the Kama river side. The building has to be designed on highest international level, to create a significant and original as well as functional museum, which is to become the meeting and leisure point for visitors as well as inhabitants of Perm region. The gross area will be 20.000 sqm, with a functional area of 16.000 sqm. The Perm Art Gallery is one of the most important art museums in Russia and has become the most important art centre for Ural region 

PRIZE FUND $ 300 000 USA 1st Prize $ 100 000 2nd Prize $ 70 000 3rd Prize $ 50 000 Awards: 8 Special awards $ 10 000 each



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