New York 2007 - Tower museum in Manhattan

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iscrizioni entro 31/07/2007

ARQUITECTUM is the first international institution dedicated to organising open architecture competitions.

The challenge of this competition is the installation of a new monument to celebrate the cosmopolitan, urban and global character of New York City.

To this end, this project (a 100 metre-high tower) will house a museum which will display the personal effects, souvenirs and photos belonging to a new generation of immigrants who –from 1960 onwards– arrived in the city in search of the "American Dream".


OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPETITION: The following are the objectives of the "NEW YORK 2007" competition:

  • To bring together architectural ideas from all over the world to enable the selection of the best project (the Tower-Museum) to be located in Battery Park, at the tip of Manhattan Island in New York City.
  • To gather the best ideas involving urban consciousness and, at the same time, capable of highlighting an important and committed historical context.
  • To generate the discussion of ideas regarding intervention in cultural patrimonies, historic centres or contemporary urban contexts.

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