Nuove soluzioni per i serbatoi dell'acqua di Porto

concorso di idee per studenti e giovani architetti

scadenza 10/12/2007

ÁGUAS DO PORTO, the city of Porto municipal water company, intends to create innovative uses for its water towers and surroundings of underground water tanks.

These tanks are typically surrounded by gardens and unused operational buildings, some of which are located on hilltops with fine views. These spaces are potentially open to the public for environmentally sustainable activities, compatible with the operational and safety requirements of their primary water supply use .

Young architects and architecture student, under 30 years of age, are invited to present ideas for any of the seven sites, which will be evaluated and judged on their own architectural merits.

The secondary use of the sites will be subsequently offered to public tender, based on the ideas presented by the young architects challenge, giving the designer responsible the professional opportunity to join the promoter's team in the preparation of their proposals and to create the chosen design.

Although the participation of local architects in the international teams is expected, Google Earth and the audiovisual presentations of sites will provide the background information required.

information: From September 24 2007, written documents, as well as plans, photographs, and all visual documents necessary for conceptual work will be made available at

Site visits will be arranged upon request to by October 22 2007.

Queries should be addressed to innovativeideas@aguasdoporto.p by October 22 2007. Answers to all questions will be posted to by November 2 2007

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