No. 16 Henrietta Street, Dublin

Open Design Ideas Competition

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iscrizione entro 2 maggio 2008

The RIAI is running an open ideas design competition for the vacant site of No. 16 Henrietta Street, Dublin 1 on behalf of Dublin City Council.

The design competition for No. 16 Henrietta Street aims on the one hand to establish a design framework for the development of the site, which is informed by the Conservation Plan and best architectural practice. It is also an aim of the competition to generate debate and discussion on the challenge of in-fill design in historic settings and ultimately to discuss the future of this important street.

Who can enter?
The competition is open to architects holding a qualification listed in the E.C. Architects Directive 85/384/EEC.

Prize Fund
A prize fund of €15,000 will be awarded at the discretion of the jury.

Competition Programme

* Registration Opens: 14 April 2008
* Withdrawal of Registration & Refund of Fee Deadline: 2 May 2008
* Competitors' Questions Deadline: 16 May 2008
* Circulation of Answers: 30 May 2008
* Registration Deadline: 20 June 2008
* Submission Deadline: 27 June 2008
* Announcement: August / September 2008


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