Bord Gáis Networks National Distribution Control Building Competition

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The RIAI (Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland) is administering a competition on behalf of the competition promoters, Bord Gáis Networks (BGN). This is an open, two stage competition for the architectural design of a new Bord Gáis Networks Distribution Control Centre at Dubber Cross, Finglas, Dublin.

Bord Gáis Networks (BGN), a division of Bord Gáis, is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the gas network in Ireland. The services provided include safety and emergency response, pipeline service laying and modification, and meter installations and alterations. It is the intention of BGN to vacate existing leased premises and to move to a new, well designed building at the Dubber Cross site to accommodate all the principal functions carried out by the organisation.

The target construction budget for the project is €17,500,000 (seventeen and a half million Euro) exclusive of VAT and professional fees.

The competition site has an area of approximately 3.2 acres (1.3 hectares) and is located on St. Margaret's Road, c.1km from Finglas Village. St. Margaret's Road branches off the North Road to the east and provides access to a number of business and industrial parks.

The competition is open to architects holding a qualification listed in the E.C. Architects Directive 85/384/EEC or equivalent.

Prize Fund
Each short listed competitor invited to participate in Stage 2 of the competition will be paid an honorarium of €25,000 for a valid Stage 2 submission.

Competition Programme
Stage 1:
 - Competition Registration Opens: 2 May 2008
 - Withdrawal of Registration and refund of fee: 16 May 2008
 - Stage 1 Questions Deadline: 23 May 2008
 - Stage 1 Answers Circulated: 6 June 2008
 - Stage 1 Registration Deadline: 20 June 2008
 - Stage 1 Submission Deadline: 27 June 2008
 - Stage One Assessment: July 2008

Stage 2 :
 - Stage Two Opens: July 2008

How to Register
The Registration Form is available in the Competition section of the RIAI website


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