Red Hook: the bicycle master plan

design competition

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iscrizioni entro 2 giugno 2008

The Forum for Urban Design is launching a design competition to re-imagine Red Hook as the most bicycle friendly neighborhood in all of New York. Not only could bicycling become the predominant method of transportation for neighborhood residents, it could become a destination for urban cyclists and foster sustainable development.

The design competition has three components: one emphasizing architecture, the second emphasizing urban planning and design, and the third emphasizing feasibility (i.e. funding sources).

  • 1. retrofitting a bike garage (or "loft") at the Smith/9th Street Station, and
  • 2. connecting this elevated train stop to the rest of the neighborhood via dedicated bike lanes and other bike amenities, 
  • 3. identifying funding sources such as the reauthorization of federal surface transportation legislation, foundations, and commercial sponsors.

The immediate goal of this project is to make Red Hook more accessible for local commuters and safer for local recreational cyclists; however, the greater vision is to spur sustainable economic development by attracting cyclists from around New York City to enjoy the Red Hook waterfront and other neighborhood treasures. Additionally, by focusing on the Smith/9th Street Station, we hope to encourage MTA to think about how they can rehabilitate it in a way that facilitates other methods of transportation.

- Free for Students (to register as a student you much be enrolled at a school, college or university at the time of the competition announcement)
- $50 Individuals
- $100 Teams

- Registration: Monday, June 2<
- Submission Deadline: Thursday, July 31
- Finalists Announced: Tuesday, Sept. 2
- Display Material Deadline: Tuesday, Sept. 16
- Winners Announced at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition event: September 20


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