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Inizio consegne, 15 giugno 2008

ShaVis, the visual's newsnet, launch an open call to artists, illustrators and designers. The call, request to paint or draw 'covers' for ShaVis.com, that will be exposed on the homepage for 200 days (one image/day), starting from June, 15, 2008.

At end, the first 200 cover submitted, and showed on Shavis.com, will be part of an exhibit, and gathered in a book, sold online on Amazon and ShaVis.com too.


+ be creative!
+ the image must be an artwork
+ the image don't must include ShaVis logo
+ the image must be 150Kb max
+ the image must measure 570px / 250px (horizontal / vertical)
+ the image must contain the words 'publisher' and 'reader'blended into
+ the image can be realized in any way, but submitted like .jpg file

+ any entrant must send a second file, for public exhibit and print on book: a .tif file (300 dpi, 8 inch / 3.509 inch)
+ any entrant must send a short bio/resume (5000 chars max), that will accompany the artwork, on web, on exhibit and on book
+ any entrant agree to exhibit and publish of his artwork, and assert his quitclaim to any repayment related to book's retail
+ any entrant preserve his own copyright on the submitted artwork, that can't be utilized for any other use than those above, whitout his explicit authorization

+ the exhibit online start on June, 15, 2008, and will end after 200 days, with the exhibit of image n° 200
+ the images submitted after reached the two hundred don't will be considered (but should be gathered in the book)
+ ShaVis reserve itself the right to refuse submitted artwork

+ all entries must be sent to: willbefamous@shavis.com


Per maggiori informazioni:
 - www.shavis.com