Mobile Floating Architecture

design competition

consegna entro 15 settembre 2008

Promoter: Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA)

Function of the competition: The south of the Federal State of Brandenburg was the energy centre of the former GDR. Here, millions of cubic metres of soil are moved during the extraction of lignite and recultivation of the area after mining. The empty opencast mines are now being developed into the largest artificial lake district in Europe with a sheet of water of about 14,000 ha. In order to increase the water tourism the chain of lakes shall become navigable and a good experience. The 10 future lakes will be connected with each other by 13 channels. Floating architecture is a part of the regional development concept of the Lusatian Lake District. However, the available designs are suitable in Lusatia to only a limited extent.

The Mobile Floating Architecture will become relevant only when the mobility and autarky are increased considerably. Fully developed and distinctive Mobile Floating Architecture is to be constructed, sold and used in Lusatia. A new living, housing and recreation concept is to be developed in the water landscape which will become typical and famous for the Lusatian area. To make a stay on the lakes possible it is necessary to develop flexible and mobile forms of floating architecture for which flexible berths are available at various locations.

The topic of the competition is the design of a mobile floating house to be used as a holiday house or dwelling house in the Lusatian Lake District. The houses should have a possibly high degree of autarky and mobility. The design should typify the life on the water.

Participants: All natural persons and legal entities who, at the day of the prize competition, are resident in a member country of the European Economic Area or Switzerland and have the right to use the occupational title of an architect, engineer or designer pursuant to the regulations of their home country are eligible to participate in the competition.

Prizes and purchases:
- 1st prize: EUR 10,000
- 2nd prize: EUR 6,000
- 3rd prize: EUR 3,500
- Purchases: EUR 4,000



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