Biennial Competition LOGO 2008

1st international biennial competition

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scadenza 15 ottobre 2008

The Biennial Competition LOGO 2008 intends to join numerous exhibition activities in the field of utility graphics, which throughout the last decades were placed mainly in the premises of the present co-organisator of the Biennial Competition - The Central - Slovakian Gallery (formerly State Gallery) in the town of Banská Bystrica.


LOGO 2008 is designed for professional graphic artists, designers, freelance artists, graphic studios, and advertising agencies as well as for university students with specialisation in Fine Arts, Graphic and Design.


SHORT-LIST CRITERIA Only those Works that comply with the following criteria shall by eligible to enter the competition:

  • a) Works that were produced or brought into use at least two years before the competition commencement date,
  • b) The applicant is the copyright owner,
  • c) The Works must be shortlisted in the one of the below stated categories.


- Two dimensional logotype
- Audiovisual logotype
- Three dimensional logotype


Rules of Competition