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design competition

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consegna entro 28 novembre 2008

Four Square House design problem

John Hejduk introduced us to the Nine Square Grid design problem and we, his audience, enjoyed and learned from his variations on the theme. I would like to make this proposal honouring his memory.

I will call it the Four Square House design problem. In a hypothetical Garden City grid of 36m by 36m, the assignment is to design four houses in any configuration, having as its only restriction that they should not exceed 162m2 and that each possess a garage and garden, “technique and nature” combined in the given 9m2 outlines. This requires a consideration of issues such as orientation, contiguity, privacy, construction, spatial structure: a series of issues that ultimately engage the neglected notion of typology . Obviously the extension of the single block to a larger area should be taken into account and in addition a certain hint about the materiality and the character of the ideal Garden City that comes as a result of the appearance of this new type. (Rafael Moneo)

All entries must reach the competition office no later than November 28th(Friday), 2008.

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