9th Andreu World International Design Competition

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consegna entro 14 settembre 2009

9th Andreu World International Design Competition. Both students and professionals in the field of design may enter for this competition, has no age limit. The challenge is to design a seat or table in which innovative design/styling contributions are made, bearing in mind the technical specifications in the briefing you can download from our website, along with the compete rules and regulations. There are two prizes - one with a cash purse of € 4.000 and another with € 2.000- and the deadline for project presentation is 14 September 2009.

SUBJECT: Design for a chair and/or table.


Seating: The main material used shall be Beech wood, Oak wood or Walnut. Chairs may be upholstered to a greater or lesser extent, if considered appropriate and veneered board or plywood.

Tables: The main material used shall be Beech wood, Oak wood or Walnut. Tables may be veneered board or plywood.

The use of other materials such as metals, plastics, glass, etc. is allowed when complementary, structural or incidental to the above.

All designs presented shall be new, not having been marketed or disclosed prior to the date of the Competition.

All design students or designers can take part in this competition, with no age restriction.

Specifications for the piece to be designed are outlined in the ANDREU WORLD, S.A. product BRIEFING. The design must provide technical and formal solutions in compliance with the terms indicated. (See Briefing).

To enter the Competition, access and print out the RULES and BRIEFING from the www.andreuworld.com