XXII World Congress of Architecture

call for papers, displays and forum activities

scadenza 13/11/2004

The XXII World Congress of International Union of Architects (UIA) will take place in Istanbul, from 3rd to 7th July 2005.

Organised every three years since 1948, UIA World Congresses are platforms where the global agendas of architecture are discussed.

The UIA 2005 Istanbul Congress, hosted by the Chamber of Architects of Turkey, will convene under the theme "CITIES: Grand Bazaar of ArchitectureS"

The idea of a bazaar or marketplace -as a forum in which ideas are exchanged, discussed and compete for recognition- shapes the structure as much as the content of the Congress.

The UIA 2005 will be realised in the 'Congress Valley' of Istanbul, which will be organised along the concept of bazaars, to include alternative events besides conventional congress sessions. Participants can select the mode of participation most appropriate for their contribution, and send an abstract or outline accordingly. Modes of participation include papers, displays (poster and multi-media) and forum activities (workshop, panel, mini-symposium, chat room, speakers' corner, etc). Participation is expected from diverse disciplines and professions, from any interest group concerned with cities worldwide.

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