New Cultural Complex in Tirana

international design competition

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candidature entro 21 febbraio 2011

The City of Tirana is pleased to announce the international design competition for a new Cultural Complex in Tirana consisting of a new mosque and a joined museum of Tirana and religious harmony.

The religious practices of the people living within the borders of Albania are heterogeneous. There are Muslims - which constitutes the majority - and Christians, each with their diverse communities of distinguished religious practices like: Bektashi, Halevy, Catholics, Orthodox, etc. It is very particular of Albania that these diverse religious communities have lived harmoniously and very close to each-other in centuries.

The motivation of the current competition comes due to the situation of the Muslim Community in Tirana in the absence of a new mosque to fulfill the needs of Muslim citizens wanting to participate in the city mosques life.  

Tirana needs a new mosque, not only for the Muslim Community, not only to fulfill the growing needs of an increasing number of Muslim citizens that are served today by a modest network of mosques, but also because our capital should fill in a missing corner of the triangle that makes Tirana a unique place, the triangle of religious harmony among three main religions, that since ever have been points of reference and have mainly mirrored the local tradition of Tirana citizens of solidarity and mutual respect. While the other two religious communities have already received their contemplation places, today, under such conditions, Muslim community lacks its own space.

The urgency of this competition is put forward to complete the religious triangle enveloping the city center, where a New Mosque will be finally build after the Catholic and the Orthodox cathedrals.

Stage I Letter of Interest and Experience Statement
Eligibility The competition is open to all professional architects, landscape architects, urban planners, and engineers.

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